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In 2017, the company "TAKA M" has completed the construction of its own modern plant for impregnation of wood products in the city Vietalva, Latvia.

There are two separate independent production lines in this plant:

  1. A line that impregnates with the water preservative "Celcure AC-500", the manufacturer- company Koppers Finland Ab. European quality of products is confirmed by the "Certificate of Treatment Plant Approval".

  2. A line that impregnates with the oil preservative creosote C class (CreosoteWEI C), the manufacturer- company Koppers, the Netherlands. The product quality is in accordance with the European standard EN13145, EN13991. Independent company "Inspecta" issued Certificate of Conformity Nr.3399 / 2017.

The plant has the most modern equipment from Europe, the United States and Japan. The process of impregnation can occur:

1. In automatic mode (controlled by a computer); There are various computer programs available for different types of wood products:

  • Railway sleepers, cross beams;

  • Stakes for agricultural purposes;

  • Poles for electricity and telecommunication lines.

2. In manual mode (controlled by the operator);

The company "TAKA M" makes wood products impregnation from various types of wood:

  1. Softwood species of wood (pine, spruce);

  2. Hardwood species of wood (oak, beech and others);

  3. Other

Sales of products by countries:

  1. On the domestic market of Latvia are sold 10-20% of allproducts;

  2. 80-90% of products are sold on international export markets (Estonia,Lithuania, Hungary, Ireland, Great Britain, Belgium, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, United Arab Emirates, Libya)

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